Technical Data Guide

SecTrailprovides additional identity verification steps in compliance with data security policies set by companies or institutions for remote or local network access of enterprise users. The goal of these steps is to verify the authenticity of the user through secondary and multiple authentication steps, thereby preventing the use of compromised or altered digital user identity information.

For IT managers in companies and organizations, one of the most important issues is the security of the digital user identity of their users under their management, and minimizing the risks that may arise in case of unauthorized acquisition of this information. SecTrail provides advanced user authentication mechanisms to address this purpose.

Pazardaki sanal ağ erişimi (VPN) hizmeti sunan öncü ürünlerin tümü ile entegre olabilen SecTrail’de, mobil cihazlar üzerinde tek seferlik şifre üreten soft token uygulamaları, SMS veya e-posta yolu ile tek seferlik şifre gönderimi, istenildiği gibi değiştirilebilen şifre kombinasyonları ve captcha desteği gibi birçok özellik bulunmaktadır.

SecTrail is a Linux-based server that can be installed on virtualization platforms as a virtual server. The products have multinode active-active and active-passive cluster support and can be positioned according to Disaster Management Center scenarios.

Virtual Server System Requirements

Supported Hypervisor Types Vmware Vsphere/ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM
Minimum Hardware Requirements 2vCPU, 4GB RAM, 100 GB Storage, 1 GE interface
Operating System Linux


Technical Specifications

User Authentication Methods Active Directory, LDAP, Radius, Local DB
Bot Detection and Protection Method Captcha, rCaptcha
Password Algorithm OATH TOTP
Password Transmission Methods SMS, E-mail, Software Token
Mobil Cihazlar için Şifre Uygulaması Android, IOS
Recommended End-User Application SSL/IPSEC VPN, OWA Access, Domain User or Machine Access, Virtual Desktop Applications, SSH Access,
Supported Number of Users on a Single OTP Gateway (*) 5000
Management Interface" SSH,HTTP/HTTPS
Monitoring and Alert Protocols SNMPv2/v3, Syslog (TCP,UDP,TLS)
Supported Cluster Forms Active – Active / Active – Passive