SecTrail MFA Features

Radius Support Integration with all devices and applications that support authentication with the Radius protocol (Checkpoint, PulseVPN, F5, Aruba, Cisco, etc.)
Workstation Entry Windows, Linux
Remote Login VPN, RDP, SSH
Authentication Server Support Active Directory, LDAP, External Databases
Database Support MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL
Microsoft Exchange OWA Integration with Exchange OWA services through ADFS
Microsoft ADFS MFA support for all connected applications with Active Directory Federation Services integration

Authentication Methods

SMS Verification with dynamic password that is valid for a limited time via SMS
SoftOTP Verification without the need for internet access using dynamically generated, time-limited, and single-use keys
Email" Sending OTP via E-mail
QR Kod Quick registration opportunity by scanning the QR code with the SecTrail Authenticator mobile application.
Hardware Key Hardware password generator support for TOTP (Time-Based) and HOTP (Event-Based)
Adaptive Authentication Assigning different factors to different users (For example, a user who doesn't want to use a mobile application can have their factor sent via SMS.)
Customizable Login Method Username + (OTP/Notification)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)"

Computer Protection The ability to secure Windows machines with MFA for operating system-level access
Offline MFA The ability to provide full MFA security on a computer even when offline on both Windows and Linux
Data Protection Always data encryption
MFA Adapter API support for third-party applications
Prevention of Brute Force Attacks Prevention of brute force attacks with dynamic passwords

Mobile applications

Biometrics Active biometric support (FaceID, TouchID, Fingerprint)
PIN Lock Support for unlocking PIN lock
iOS & Android Support for both IOS and Android platforms
Support for multiple profiles Adding multiple profiles to each mobile phone

Self Servis Portal

Self-registration Support for users to create their own profiles in mobile applications
Management Panel Access log, application access, and device tracking

Policies and Procedures

General and Group Policy Rules and access permissions and restrictions set for each employee in general or specific groups.
Location and Region Policy Permissions and restrictions for system access from specified locations and regions"
Network and IP Security Policy Permissions and restrictions for system access from specified networks and IPs
Country Policy Permissions and restrictions for system access from specified countries
Software Policy Permissions and restrictions for system access during specified time intervals
Blacklist and Whitelist To prevent potential attacks, special access restriction and permission lists (IP-browser-country) for access control.
API access controls & gateways Controlled access to APIs
Quarantine Lists that provide temporary access restrictions to prevent possible attacks.
Device Security Policies Implement device security policies based on the security status of mobile phones (encryption, biometrics).

Emergency Scenarios

Backup Support for working with cluster structure.
Load balancing Being able to respond synchronously to requests from the load balancer with active-active working capability.

24/7 Support

Uninterrupted support with expert engineers.