Microsoft Windows Logon Integration


SecTrail ile Microsoft Windows Logon

Hijacking user credentials poses a risk of unauthorized access to accounts. Nowadays, providing additional security steps to solve such problems is possible with the SecTrail verification server.

In this document, you can find information about two-factor authentication with one-time passwords (SoftOTP) using SecTrail for Microsoft Windows Logon.



Integration of SecTrail with Microsoft Windows Logon;

SecTrail -Windows Logon Flow
SecTrail -Windows Logon Flow
  1. Credentials and software key (SoftOTP) generated through SecTrail Authenticator mobile application are entered on the login screen
  2. The credentials are sent to the SecTrail server through Microsoft Windows,
  3. SecTrail verifies the user's software token (SoftOTP) and sends the response to Microsoft Windows.
  4. If the response is successful, Microsoft Windows authenticates the user's identity by communicating with Active Directory
  5. If authentication is successful, Microsoft Windows grants the user access.


Mobile Application SupportSectrail Authenticator Store

If you want to use SoftOTP, you can ensure your security through the SecTrail Authenticator mobile application.

You can download the SecTrail Authenticator application to your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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